The cannabis story just keeps growing. The plant is boding to bring big changes all over Africa….

"A growing number of countries in Africa are looking to cannabis as the ticket out of poverty, and foreign investment for this sector has flooded in. Activists who pushed for legal commercial cultivation now face the challenge of crafting a cannabis economy that empowers small farmers and rural communities, rather than replicating the elitist forms of past agro-export industries.

Voices in the global industry are increasingly anticipating a cannabis boom on the continent. There are now seven legal producers in Africa. South Africa, one of the continent’s economic giants, decriminalized personal cultivation through a ruling of its high court in 2018, and that same year began issuing licenses for commercial cultivation of medical marijuana."

We wish the movement in Africa well…..


What Will the Cannabis Economy Mean for Africa? | Project CBD

A growing number of African countries are hoping that the cannabis industry will be a ticket out of poverty. But will traditional farmers benefit from an agro-export cannabis economy?