We've shared the individual cannabis policy declarations of some of the ~20 declared presidential candidates in the Democratic presidential primary process.

But here's an article which summarizes all of their positions.

All call for significant reform – not just on medical cannabis, but on cannabis in general and in winding down the Drug War's cannabis component.

A few also call for replacing the punishment aspect of dealing with all drug users (not of all drug suppliers) in favor of a treatment model. This approach would likely somewhat mirror the Portugal model, which has had some success, but in a country which may or may not be comparable to the US. For more on this, see: https://www.leafly.com/…/portugal-drug-decriminalization-st….

We'll also blog stories on the President's position that come out, but there haven't been many announcements since anti-cannabis Attorney General was replaced by William Barr. A web search reveals few 2019 resources. In fact, this Wikipedia entry hasn't been updated in over a year. It says:

"In June 2018, President Trump stated that he would 'probably' support the STATES Act, a bipartisan bill which would effectively end the federal prohibition on marijuana and leave the issue up to the states…." (http://bit.ly/2k9264I)

Otherwise, all we have is the recent bizarre (in our opinion) performance by his latest Surgeon General, who seemed to adopt a basically 1930s "reefer madness" attitude toward cannabis in general in a recent press conference. At best it seems fair to say that reform in favor of patients is not currently a front burner issue in the White House, but that could change going into the campaign.

Again we note (given our non-profit org status), TRUCE does not support and will not be supporting any particular candidate(s).


Where the 2020 Democratic candidates for president stand on marijuana legalization

The Democrats running for president have thoughts on marijuana legalization. Here they are.