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Cannabis contains powerful agents. It wouldn't be able to accomplish all of its many therapeutic benefits if it had little effect on the body, and in this case on the nervous system.

So the fact is some people abreact to at least some forms of cannabis. This is one reason we always caution new patients to start low and go slow until they understand how cannabis effects them. Remember also, our focus is medicinal rather than personal use, and many qualified patients are already significantly biologically compromised in various often profound ways when they begin use, and so may be affected in ways healthier people might not be.

That said, even perfectly healthy people can have bad reactions. Cannabis is by far the least toxic drug and botanical with anything like its range of actions, but it is not right for all people at all times.

Also, there are ways of finding strains (cultivars), and particular preparations, and other steps which can avoid or minimize unpleasant experiences as discussed in this article.

We point out downsides to use because we respect the power of cannabis – and because we respect you.


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