A candid closeup look inside the cannabis-centric world of 82 year old cannabis reform icon, singer Willie Nelson….

Brief excerpt from a long feature length article:

"…now, as he enters the final phase of his life, Nelson is gearing up for a different battle. He has been a vocal advocate of marijuana legalization for more than half a century, but he has watched the last few years unfold with a combination of joy and dread. Even as the country has softened its stance toward marijuana, a legion of large corporations has gathered to dominate the legal market. Nelson figures he has at least one good fight left. In what may be his last political act, he is declaring war on Big Pot.

By way of first principles, let us pause to establish that legalization is here. That fight is over; legal weed has arrived; all that remains is for the last chips to fall. Some form of marijuana has already been approved in 23 states, and roughly 80 percent of the American public currently favors medicinal use. Support for recreational pot has also been rising over the past decade, with more people in favor of full legalization than against it for the first time in 2011."

So – what's your take on "Big Farming" and big Cannabiz in general…?? How can we meet the needs of millions of patients and still keep cannabis medicine personalized?

How can the larger personal use industry be reined in from compromising sustainable, non-frankenweed practices and from becoming a toxic marketing machine where users are just cogs in a consume-consume-consume machine?

And many related questions.

Your thoughts are welcome below….


Willie Nelson’s Crusade to Stop Big Pot

In what may be his last political act, he is trying to stop Corporate America from co-opting the legal marijuana trade.