Big Canna, big state government and you….

The cannabis industry is joining the rest of the commercial world in monitoring the purchasing habits and other behaviors of their customers.

[Note: This particular article is about Canada, but it's likely true in many areas of the US as well.]

"This platform will, like most other forms of data collection, not be a voluntary one for the consumer. For a group of consumers often reluctant to share even their credit card information for legal purchases, this could prove troubling to some.

'Short of the consumer personally withdrawing themselves from every major app on the planet and every major network, that’s the only way they opt out,' said Khan. 'And, quite frankly, this kind of data collection exists with or without our company.'

Khan stressed that the company won’t have any specific information on the individual consumer…"

So the firms take pains to point out that this data grab and AI analysis will remain anonymized and won't identify individual users. But that's just a courtesy because they readily could…

i.e., Google, facebook, and Amazon analytics constantly serve you personalized ads based on whatever data they can garner on your purchasing habits, search histories, likes, confirmed buys of consumer goods, etc. Nothing anonymous about that.

Also, this private commercial tracking is not the same thing the state of Utah will be doing with its patient portal where identifying the behavior of individual consumers of program supplied medical cannabis in detail is the whole point.

And as can be seen here, both of these processes will be going on at once.

Yaay, privacy in the 21st Century…

How uncomfortable does any or all of this make you…??


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