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Part one of two: 10 myths about the medicinal use of cannabis

In the (not so long ago) days before most people got most of their information in digital form, we would have labeled a printed article like this, “Clip ‘n Save,” but however you keep track of or save useful info arriving over the net, linked below is a useful summary which provides a compact, but referenced refutation for many of the most frequent arguments we hear used against the therapeutic value of cannabis.

Here are the myths covered, and we’ll leave the content to you… …regular readers will noticed we’ve posted many more detailed treatments of all of these flawed arguments, and as time passes, with the continuing advances in the field, we’ll be posting many more.

TRUCE is always happy to publicize the best-verified info about medicinal cannabis and cannabis therapeutics, as we believe the truth is our strongest ally in this debate…

“Myth: Medical cannabis hasn’t been well-studied

Myth: Medical cannabis leads to other drug use

Myth: Legalising Medicinal Marijuana Leads To An Increase In Crime

Myth: Legalising Medical Cannabis Leads To An Increase In Teen Use

Myth: Medical Cannabis Has No Proven Medical Use

Myth: Using Medical Marijuana Is Just An Excuse To Get High

Myth : Medical Cannabis Overdose Deaths

Myth : The United Nations Has Banned It

Myth : Medical Cannabis Is A Workplace Safety Threat

Myth : Marijuana Can Cure Just About Anything”

Happy myth-busting!

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