The pendulum continues to swing in medical cannabis’ direction: The nation’s veterans are sending a clear message to the rest of us, and who are politicians to arbitrarily deny their few (logical and medically legitimate) requests after they’ve risked everything for country and voluntarily exposed themselves to many of the damaging kinds of trauma….??

“A new study released by the nation’s largest veterans organization found that a large majority of veterans and their caregivers want the federal government to legalize medical cannabis and conduct more research into the plant.

The study from the American Legion found that 82 percent of veterans and caregivers surveyed said they support legalizing medical marijuana at the federal level, and 92 percent said they support federal research into cannabis.

‘I wouldn’t say that I was surprised, I think it was validating,’ said Lou Celli, national director of veterans affairs and rehabilitation at the American Legion.

The survey found that legalization is also a bipartisan issue, with 88 percent of self-identified conservatives saying they would support legalization and 90 percent of self-identified liberals agreeing.

Marine Corps veterans Josh Frey was prescribed dozens of prescription drugs from methadone to klonopin after he was injured in Fallujah Iraq in 2004. On Thursday, he told veterans and lawmakers at the capitol that smoking marijuana helped wean him off the drugs that turned him in to a zombie.”    

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