Michelle Malkin, a well-known national columnist, has been notably conservative for many years, and was long a staunch and (highly) active anti-cannabis drug warrior (as she describes in detail in this article). Now, after a personal experience with a family member, she’s now an evidence-citing supporter….

“My own interest in pediatric use of medicinal marijuana is more than academic.

When my daughter, Veronica, fell ill in late spring of 2015 — unable to breathe normally, bedridden with chronic pain and fatigue — she saw dozens of specialists. Among those doctors was a leading neurologist at one of Denver’s most well-regarded hospitals who treated intractable cases. The various drugs prescribed to my daughter weren’t working and had awful side effects.

One of them, a potent anti-epileptic drug called Trileptal, was supposed to treat the severe motor tic that left her gasping for air nonstop for months. But Trileptal ended up causing extreme loss of appetite, more fatigue and temporary dystonia, while doing nothing to alleviate the tics. The constant jerking of her body caused one of my daughter’s hypermobile shoulders to dislocate multiple times a day — increasing her pain and anxiety.

To our surprise, the mainstream neurologist suggested Veronica try CBD. This doctor had other young patients who used CBD oil with positive results, but she could not directly prescribe it because of her hospital affiliation. So we did our own independent research, talked to a Colorado Springs family whose son had great success using CBD to treat his Crohn’s disease symptoms, consulted with other medical professionals and friends — and entered a whole new world.

Two physicians signed off on our daughter’s application for a medical marijuana card. She became one of more than 360 children under 18 to join Colorado’s medical marijuana registry in 2015.

And we became pediatric pot parents.”

TRUCE take: We don’t wish illness on anyone or their families, but it’s hard not to notice how many activists were once opponents or indifferent until they saw medical cannabis work for them or someone close to them when other existing nostrums had failed to… …especially since (full disclosure) their numbers include some of our own members.

Much more in the articulate article. Highly recommended.

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