Moving forward…

The required community meetings for the Utah Medical Cannabis Ballot Initiative have wrapped up, and a budget impact has been calculated (we’re still wondering about some of the math assumptions used, but nonetheless).

So when all the meeting documentation and final initiative draft (we know of no changes as a result of the meetings) is processed by the Lieutenant Governor’s Office, the initiative should shortly thereafter be certified for SIGNATURE gathering.

1. You must be a registered Utah voter to sign the petition.
2. You may register to vote online.
3. You may NOT sign a petition online, only in person, and only in the presence of an official signature gatherer.

Excerpts (The link also includes a video report):

“Advocates wrapped up their required meetings, but not before hearing more personal stories of struggle.

‘I am a patient of medical cannabis,’ said Taylor Paige. ‘I suffer from kidney stones. They are horribly, horribly painful.’

Pamela Cabagnolo, another medical cannabis patient, said it’s about treatment, not seeking a high.

‘I feel that if I go to Colorado and some day somebody stops me, I’m going to say, I have a right to feel good,’ she said. ‘I don’t want to be a drug addict. I want to live’.

Advocates are pushing for a law similar to one put forth by former Utah State Senator Mark Madsen in 2016.

‘We’ve gone through the legislature four times now trying to get patient access in this state,’ Christine Stenquist said. “They’ve shown us they’re not ready and willing to move on that, so we’re taking it to the people.”

…next up is gathering the more than 113,000 signatures needed (with specific numbers required for each Senate district in the state) by April 15 to get on the November 2018 ballot.

Let binding citizen participation in deciding this question begin!

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