Good news for patients often = bad news for drug companies.

But (unsurprisingly we’re sure) drug companies don’t like bad news for them. Which doesn’t leave them all warm and fuzzy about seeing cannabis medicine keep encroaching on their markets – even if patients find it more effective and having many few side effects… …as in patients have their interests and the companies have theirs…

…so doing that (cynical) math, do you think the regulators in the FDA – many of whom come from or will go to positions in big pharmaceutical firms are going to being sweating over how to work whole plant medical cannabis into their existing trial molecules which only considers single molecule medicines, nearly all from synthetic sources….

PS: Breaking news…. ….drug companies contribute to political campaigns (shock, gasp)….

It’s an uphill battle on behalf of patients, folks. There are so many vested interests making so many excuses.

“The health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive composite in cannabis, isn’t necessarily news, But this particular point is: according to a new study, almost half of all CBD users have stopped using modern medicine. Or, more precisely, these users are substituting over-the-counter pain relievers and similar medications in favor of the cannabis extract.

The study, which was orchestrated and co-sponsored by HelloMD and the Brightfield Group. As per the report, 2,400 respondents out of 150,000 HelloMD members were used to garner data. (For the uninitiated, HelloMD is an online community/service that links up doctors with patients licensed for medical marijuana.) Inasmuch, the report concluded that 42 percent of CBD users preferred using the extract over more traditional medications, which ranged from ibuprofen to harder medications like Vicodin.

‘We are seeing an exponential rise in the interest of CBD products from our patient community—particularly among women,’ said Dr. Perry Solomon, HelloMD’s chief medical officer in an interview with the press. ‘While we still have much to learn about CBD, we cannot ignore this one fact; the majority of those using CBD products today receive great benefit. This has the potential for far-reaching consequences.’

In addition to these stats, 80 percent of respondents found CBD ‘very or extremely effective’ in alleviating pain; only three percent found the treatment unsuccessful in treating their ailments.”

PS: One slight possible half-crack in the wall… …GW Pharma’s Sativex – a drug with both THC and CBD – and from actual cannabis – may be approved soon. This is good news on some level – but not necessarily for agricultural whole plant cannabis.

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