Cutting off our nose to spite our face….

…the US government’s medieval policies on medicinal cannabis have many casualties…. ….millions of patients denied the most effective treatments for their conditions…. …lives ruined by legal actions with no rational basis…. ….opioid overdoses which could have been avoided…. ….and the US economy itself, given that the US is ceding a huge market it could have easily owned – and still could, so for now maybe a million, or at the least several hundred thousand, good, sustainable jobs voluntarily tossed away out of superstition and stereotypes…

….But Israel and Canada send their love and thanks – and – their very best wishes for us to continue to keep shooting ourselves in the foot and send all the business their way….

An interesting in-depth article on a piece of the story we haven’t covered perhaps as much as it warrants, as Utah has plenty of real estate well-suited for a sun-loving crop which is relatively water-use efficient, eschews the need for pesticides, and has other virtues which would add to the local economy….

Recommended reading…!

During the last session of the Legislature, there was modest action to allow projects on agricultural hemp growing (HB302) – another market altogether, but a tiny step forward. But there was also a retrograde move to create a de facto state monopoly on medicinal grade cannabis agriculture and to keep the market tiny and artificially constricted.

Hopefully clearer heads will rule the day if the Initiative is enacted by the voters.

Meanwhile, Utah Congressional delegation: Word to the wise… …you’re missing out on a major opportunity.

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