TRUCE salutes all veteran’s service and hope the American Legion’s resolution gets fair consideration.

If patient preferences don’t mean anything in running giant public health care systems, there’s something awry in the system……

“The resolution, passed at the group’s national convention in Reno, Nevada, was authored by American Legion member Rob Ryan of Blue Ash, Ohio. According to the CDCP, Ohio has the fourth highest rate of overdose deaths in the nation, behind West Virginia, New Hampshire and Kentucky. It’s also one of the 29 states that permit some form of cannabis use.

Ryan said he’s heard from veterans “over and over and over again” who use marijuana as an alternative to addictive opioids.

‘Our state congressmen, when the American Legion says something, they listen. Hopefully, this will have the same impact at the federal level,’ Ryan said. ‘People should not be afraid to go to their doctors and talk honestly’.”

Much more in the article.

However Congress and the VA (which presumably exists solely to provide the best care possible to vets in need) are proving resistant to all the evidence and pleas of vets…..

See: “House committee blocks attempt to let VA docs recommend marijuana”

And: “Scientific Community Pushes Back Against V.A.’s Latest “Worthless” Medical Marijuana Studies”

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