Attorney General Jeff Sessions surely wants to be rid of the scourge of “so-called medical marijuana programs,” and so do we….

…that is, we’d like to see Utah’s current law which semi-legalizes one form of cannabis medicine and an unrealistically limited research program (“a so called program” if there ever was one) replaced by a real program for whole plant medical cannabis – in all its many strains, bred for efficacious balances of different cannabinoids, some psychoactive, some not..

“It clear what Sessions wants to do: Over the past month, he has asked Congress for permission to prosecute medical cannabis suppliers who are acting in accordance with their state’s laws, reauthorized civil asset forfeiture (a highly controversial practice used in drug cases), and announced his desire to start a new ‘war on drugs’.

On at least one front, however, Sessions’s new war on drugs is likely to fail. In taking on cannabis — particularly the medical uses of cannabis — he is staking out a position that is at odds with powerful interests and an overwhelming majority of Americans from nearly all walks of life. This tide is too strong to swim against.

The first obstacle is that the medical community has largely resolved the question of whether cannabis is clinically useful. In January, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NAS) reported that there is “conclusive evidence” that cannabis (both whole plant and extracts) is clinically effective at treating some diseases, including chronic pain.”

The above is just the first of many devastating points this mainstream article makes – a must read in our opinion. Highest recommendation for advocates.

We’ll just add one more “werry interesting” fact we’ve never published before to whet your appetite….

“Nearly three-quarters of the U.S. population now lives in states that have legalized medical cannabis…” Not even most of us at TRUCE had done this math to date!

With all due respect, Mr. Attorney General, from the vantage point of the Washington Post, any attempt to blockade and herd the “USS Medical Cannabis” back into being chained in the harbor will come to naught. This ship has sailed and cannabis medicine is here to stay…. …to the benefit of millions today and to many millions more in the years to come.

As we’ve shared here in the last two days, the US Senate has growing support for (multiple) reform (bills), and Utah’s own Rep. Mia Love has expressed a degree of support for medical cannabis.

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