Another video recording of a Drug Safe Utah canvasser video using deceptive tactics (i.e., telling lies and half-truths) has been sent to TRUCE.

In this shorter video there are still multiple examples of the totally unethical nature of the DSU campaign.

As per usual (and as is UMA’s policy – i.e., refusing to use the word cannabis) – the canvasser calls the initiative “the Medical Marijuana Petition.” It is in fact the Utah Medical Cannabis Initiative.

The next lie is that the canvasser is checking to see if the citizen who’s recording her is on a list of forged signatures.

There is no list of forged signatures for the UMCI. There was one instance of forged signatures for the Count My Vote Initiative in Weber County only – which was caught quickly – and this gentleman lives in Washington County where no forged signatures have ever been found.

The next 90% untruth is that all epileptic patients in Utah can already get cannabis medicine.

There is a law allowing a very small number of children to legally use CBD-only medicine AND there is no way for them to get it legally in Utah without crossing state lines (which is technically a federal crime). Less than 200 families in the entire state are cardholders, and if their children need full-spectrum medicine, they’re out of luck.

100% false is that this lack of access for all epileptics was solved on Jan 1 of this year. NO new law about cannabis medicines for epilepsy took effect in 2018.

The next confabulation is that the UMCI is recreational.

She says the “bill is more of a recreational marijuana bill than a medical marijuana bill.” As we’ve kept pointing out, this is one of the most conservative and in many ways THE most conservative of all the medcal cannabis programs proposed in the 29 already legal states.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gil supports the measure and he knows what bills say and what they don’t – and he’s on record that the UMCI is NOT recreational.

And so we wonder – are ANY of the canvassers telling people the truth during these visits….???

The UMA needs to stop this corrupt campaign, and for her continuing refusal to do so, Michelle McOmber, CEO of the UMA, and also a principal in DSU, needs to step down immediately.

UMA/DSU calls every piece of evidence we find an “outlier,” “staged,” “nothing we would ever allow,” etc., and then bemoans they didn’t hire the canvassers themselves but farmed it out to a temp personnel agency, so they’re not responsible for any of this.

But ALL of the evidence that’s coming to light documents NOTHING BUT abuses and deceptions. And nothing we’ve shared has been “staged.” UMA/DSU can’t have it both ways.

When is enough enough, DSU…?!? Call off the campaign now!

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