“There’s a ‘Catch-22′ for that”….

Medicinal cannabis’ opponents have ready dodges for ever making any progress:

1. “We need to do research proving medicinal value before we can move cannabis out of Schedule 1.” Except…

2. “We need to reschedule the drug before we can allow the research….”

In other words, we can’t reschedule without the research we don’t have to prove medicinal value to merit rescheduling. And we don’t have the research because we can’t reschedule…

[Note: TRUCE readers know, there’s 100 times more world-wide and domestic research than needed to reschedule (or deschedule), but we’ll continue to illustrate the absurdities at work here.]

3. The DEA isn’t approving more research (despite their 2016 assurances they’d be expediting same), so we can never prove efficacy (with FDA blessed research) because hardly any is ever done.

4. “The FDA needs ‘buy in’ from the DEA and NIDA on research proposals.” But (see article) the DEA is saying the DOJ won’t allow it to act.

5. “The strain from the single government farm is of too low quality for the research needed. We at the DEA will put out bids for suppliers of what’s available in legal states for study.”

Except this promise was made was over a year ago, and despite 25 bids, no action has been taken. DEA sources are blaming the DOJ, and Attorney General Sessions in particular.

6. Governors and state legislative opponents: “We need to wait until the federal government acts.”

7. Many US Senators and Congresscritters from those states: “We’re not going to act.”

A song comes to mind….

“And the seasons, they go round and round… …and the painted ponies go up and down.”
~Joni Mitchell, “The Circle Game”

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