“Pure Rubbish, Matters of Opinion and Gospel Truth….”

Most (likely all) of you have heard that the LDS Church has issued a statement supporting the anti-initiative position taken by the Utah Medical Association’s press release of March 30h.

We’ll be sharing coverage, but first and fortunately, the Standard-Examiner has published a thorough, referenced – and devastating – analysis of the UMA’s anything-but-professional statement by Cathy McKitrick which we urge you to read carefully and share widely….

The article examines eight #UMA assertions and rates each as a) “PURE RUBBISH, b) “MATTER OF OPINION,” or c) “GOSPEL TRUTH.”

Only one completely gets the last rating,…the simple fact that “There are other legitimate cannabis-based medicines already available and being developed.”

And the fact that non-physicians will be involved in recommending/dispensing medicinal cannabis is partly rated as true.

Beyond that, UMA’s repeated examples of shoddy scholarship, untrue claims, and exaggerated invective are revealed for what they are.

Each deserves more time under the microscope…and rest assured we’ll be shining further light on all of them in days to come.

There isn’t space here to even list UMA’s mostly cringe-worthy contentions, but here’s a snippet:

“1: “The Utah Initiative would allow possession of 4 times the amount of marijuana than most other ‘medical’ marijuana states.”

We rated this as ‘PURE RUBBISH.’

[The] ballot initiative limits a medical cardholder’s possession to 2 ounces of cannabis or 10 grams of [CBD or THC] from a licensed dispensary during any 14-day period.

The question is how that compares to other states with legalized medical cannabis…”

The Standard checked three online sources (leafly.com, healthcare.findlaw.com and leafbuyer.com), and found a number of states exceeding Utah’s proposed limits — some considerably. And then noted:

“In a few cases, these sites contained conflicting information, but we did not find a source that supported UMA’s claim.”

In sum, “sourceless” is an apt description of the entire press release which seems mostly to been drawn from the libelous, invective-spewing mind of UMA’s non-physician CEO, Michelle McOmber.

Again we urge all advocates – and all citizens to take the time to peruse this excellent article.

We will add one more key example of the UMA’s ethics-free approach to the whole issue:

The title and beginning of their release deserves a further classification: “INTENTIONAL MISLEADING MISINFORMATION.”

UMA claims they’re “concerned” that backers of the “Utah MARIJUANA Initiative” are misrepresenting and misappropriating the position of the medical profession in Utah. This is a total “misrepresentation and misappropriation” in its own right:

Fact: It’s the Utah MEDICAL CANNABIS Initiative.

For shame, UMA….

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