The trend is patients’ friend….

Note: After a number of consecutive days of big moves – both positive, mixed and one highly negative (a threat to use a dirty legislative trick to nullify a ballot initiative even if it passes – see yesterday’s posts), we’re not sitting on a huge Utah story today, although bills we oppose – and which have people actively lobbying against them – are continuing to advance since no one actually in the legislature seems to want to step up and defend patients and best medical practices from Rep. Daw’s flotilla of flawed proposals.

We keep advising people to express their feelings to their reps, and this link will help you figure out who your reps are and how to contact them:

And with that, back to today’s linked story.

When we say adoption of medical cannabis is increasing all over the country (and around the world), evidence abounds to support that contention.

States continue to move to expand access as they gain experience and as the fear of “reefer madness”-like warnings about the “unintended consequences” of allowing a proven and regulatable form of medicine don’t play out as fear-mongered.

Consider this news from Arizona….

“Arizona’s medical-marijuana numbers keep getting higher and higher, with 2017 setting all kinds of records.

In 2017, patients smoked, ate, vaped, or otherwise consumed more than 43 tons of cannabis products, including flower, edibles, and concentrates.

That’s nearly a 50 percent increase over the 29 tons sold in 2016.

But it’s not too surprising considering that December 2017 ended with about 153,000 patients, or 34 percent more than the same month in 2016.

If you could have invested in Arizona medical marijuana, maybe you should have.

After voters approved the program in 2010, the first dispensaries opened in late 2012. In 2013, the first full year with both patients (about 40,000) and a few state-legal dispensaries where they could buy cannabis, the small number of fledgling dispensaries sold 2.5 tons of marijuana products.

After five years and the rise of about 130 dispensaries statewide, the amount sold has risen by an amazing 1,620 percent.”

More in the story… …but again, we see states that go legal expanding, not cutting back their programs. While our legislature acts like they’re caught in a 1937 newsreel, and many continue to think that civilization is about to be destroyed by a medicine far less threatening to society than legal opioids, less psychologically harmful than alcohol, and so much less deadly than either, and especially than legal tobacco….

…which nearly all of the voting public knows, so what’s their excuse…??

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See full article – Arizonans Consumed Record 43 Tons of Cannabis in 2017: 50 Percent Higher Than ’16