TRUCE is proud to be an affiliate of Americans for Safe Access (ASA) – the largest group in the country whose only agenda is securing safe, legal access to medicinal cannabis – and with arguments based solely on the factual merits.

So no “big pharma,” “recreational” or even “big farming” connection here. Just legitimate access to non-toxic medicine with known benefits by people who care. Because cannabis medicine works, and because people deserve the right to decide between all the legitimate alternatives for their medical treatment – despite the decades-long unwarranted fear and propaganda-based campaign by numerous special interests who profit handsomely from its continuing pariah status under federal law and in 21 remaining states.

ASA publishes a monthly newsletter online which activists should definitely consider following. We’re linking to the most recent issue here both to introduce it to you and also because it features a story on a member of the TRUCE Board, Justin Arriola.

Enjoy and learn….

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See full article – ASA Activist Newsletter – November 2017