TRUCE thanks to the D-News for publishing the Utah Patients Coalition’s polling data about support for the upcoming ballot initiative in some depth. The paper definitely has seemed more interested in publishing on the issue than any other major local news organ since the Initiative was presented for whatever reasons.

The article also takes pains to quote people who feel they can deconstruct those results and cast doubt on the wisdom of passing a ballot initiative.

If you follow us, you know we’ve already deconstructed the doubters’ deconstructions with lots of data on multiple occasions, and will again numerous times between now and next November since they’re arguments which we feel by and large don’t stand up well when measured against the preponderance of the evidence.

So since this is a long and quite detailed article about local feelings on medical cannabis, dive on in, and use what you know about the medical cannabis movement, the science, the politics, the players, etc., to analyze the piece, and do let us know your opinions…..

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See full article – Backers of Utah medical marijuana ballot initiative tout poll showing strong support