THCA and raw cannabis – an emerging focus of medical, nutritional, and nutraceutical interest (Part two of two)…

Our earlier article on THCA highlighted its interest to medical researchers, particularly in its potential to help fight neuroinflammatory illnesses. This more detailed treatment also focuses on THCA in the context of raw (non-carboxylated) cannabis’ general health-enhancing properties.

Excerpts: “Juicing leafy greens like spinach and kale for their healthy properties … [is] increasing in popularity — with consumers, nutritionists, athletes and healthcare professionals.

Have you ever considered juicing marijuana? It’s nutritionally complete and very therapeutic — not to mention, since it’s freshly harvested and not dried or cured, it won’t get you stoned.

The marijuana plant’s leaves are rich in properties such as antioxidants, polyphenols and antibiotics as well as cancer-reducing and anti-inflammatory compounds known as cannabidiols.

When you juice the leaves, you extract essential minerals, antioxidants and other elements as well. The marijuana plant has more abundance and variety of plant phytochemicals, which are stored in the trichome heads and leaf tissue, than just about any other species.

…Raw cannabis has two primary cannabinoids: tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) and Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA). The ‘a’ represents that they’re non-psychoactive, acidic form. Your body can metabolize THCA in larger doses than THC since it’s non-psychoactive.

There hasn’t been enough research conducted on THCA to positively state how effective it is and what it treats, though. However, preliminary research is suggesting that as the industry evolves, THCA will become a big part of cannabis medicine.”

The article also mentions some promising medical research on diseases for which THCA and CBDA may prove useful, and goes into how juicing is done.

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