Among our new year’s resolutions:

We’re going to continue to report on “cannanomics” (cannabis economics) this year as well on the science and politics of medicinal cannabis.

The industrial complex which is growing up around the field is now far beyond the fringes it once occupied and despite retrograde opposition from entrenched forces in the federal government, is becoming increasingly mainstream all over the country.

That is, it’s a source of jobs for many citizens and an important economic resource in many communities which have learned to work with rather than against this highly beneficial field of emerging medicine.

So sharing this side of the national and world study helps give the lie to the “reefer madness” imagery still being recirculated by the irascible minority who oppose medicinal cannabis out of whatever motives.

And BTW, as we see it, not all of the motives of all opponents are pure or even simply misinformed, but can also reflect other, darker agendas in many cases, e.g., in keeping other jobs and businesses healthy – businesses like private prisons and money wastefully thrown at law enforcement resources dedicated to cannabis arrests which could be better directed at the harder work of dealing with genuine crimes.

Other foes of plant-based medicinal cannabis include (as we so often cover), big pharmaceutical companies for whom MC is lower cost, lower risk competition, the alcohol industry which also experiences decreased business in legal states, and others. Including the cartels which spread money around in an attempt to corrupt the political process.

So. We want to share of the good news about “overground” cannabis to help fight the false imagery.

And in this case, here’s a (fascinating!) story about how labor unions are starting to pay attention to representing workers in the cannabis industry….


TRUCE: The more you know…

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