Brad Daw’s distortions never end. In fact they’re getting worse…

One advocate problem is that opponents can stretch the truth way past the breaking point faster than fanciful contentions can possibly be corrected.

So we rely on our years long daily continuing sharing of factual info – and trust you readers to recognize baloney.

AND we think it speaks volumes that TRUCE happily publishes the Rep’s rap unfiltered – while he won’t allow even polite, reasoned disagreement on any of his web presence points. On his pages, for constituents and otherwise, our experience is one strike and you’re deleted and/or banned.

So what, practically, is his stance on open debate as the strength of a democracy…?


1. Rep. Daw says: “Dr’s who recommend are completely exempted from any criminal, civil or even licensure liability.”

Facts: The initiative states this covers the RECOMMENDING alone. So all this says is that Drs’ exercise of their PROFESSIONAL judgment won’t be the basis of liability. Just as is the case for anything else a physician is qualified to prescribe! This is basic protection from decades of preceding cannabis laws. Next case…

2. Rep. Daw: “The initiative legalizes distribution of the psychoactive component – the same raw, smokable plant material drug dealers sell. This is radically different from the most effective form.”

Facts: Regulated THC is sold legally to millions of patients in over half the US and many countries (and which is legal for prescription in synthetic forms).

Drug dealers also sell opioids. As do pharmacies. What’s your point, Rep.??

Also, whole plant and natural plant products are by FAR the most studied and most known to be effective forms.


3. Rep Daw: “The marijuana will be dispensed by shopkeepers with no medical training or certification.”

Facts: TRUCE supports – and the UMCI calls for – training and certification for producers and dispensers before programs are in place. Proven programs are available. And – dispensary systems are working well in a score of states, so another false fear flag.

Cannabis’ amazingly low toxicity makes titration a safe process in terms of “doing no harm” (the first rule of medicine since Hippocrates) in a start low and raise slowly approach.

4. Rep Daw: “Marijuana can be grown without any supervision by any person as long as they live a certain distance from a dispensary.”

Facts: This provision would only be triggered if the state drags its feet on standing up safe, legal access for years. It wouldn’t take effect before 2021! So plenty of time to evaluate the situation before this single sub-provision is due. More alarmist malarkey.

5. Rep. Daw: “The initiative is not based on medical science.”

Two words – pure hooey.

Nice try, Representative. Well, not so much really…

Still, we know he’ll be back.

But so will we fact-checkers… …please share this debunking widely..!

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