Which states’ rights are state’s… ..rights?

While agreeing states had some justification for compassionate use of medical cannabis, the new administration signaled states apparently may have no such rights when it comes to adult use cannabis, and that federal law enforcement officers can step in and contravene state law.

Apart from however one feels about full legalization of cannabis (which is not TRUCE’s charter as an org advocating for medical cannabis patients), this nonetheless strikes us as the federal government speaking out of both sides of its mouth about what the 10th Amendment to the Constitution means…

…i.e., Press Secretary Spicer is here saying the states apparently have rights – IF the administration agrees with the rights the states are asserting. But they don’t have have rights in any cases where the gov’t disagrees.

Additionally, the old and thoroughly discredited “Gateway Drug” argument that unfettered cannabis use leads to greater opioid addiction – when we’ve shared multiple studies indicating the opposite is true, was trotted out like an old race horse kept in the barn for such occasions.

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