RIP, Mr. Huntsman.

We join so many others in the state saluting you for turning your business success into giving back via unprecedented philanthropic achievement, and for your courage in standing up to multiple cancers and many years of pain of your own.

Of course this appreciation is running in the TRUCE blog because you also did a favor for the entire Utah patient community by publicly indicating your positive feelings about medical cannabis in particular – and we just want to thank you for one more time for asking the many citizens who look up to you to consider its benefits.

In fact, we just mentioned you in a blog post the day before yesterday (in the article about Patrick Byrne of Overstock – another prominent Utahn expressing interest in medical cannabis here).

And we commend this story of an extraordinary Utahn by any standards to our readers.

Here’s the story about where you recently expressed interested with advocates’ effort to establish safe, legal and affordable access, which is what got you high on our radar, as we know your attitudes and frank talk were appreciated and have influenced many residents to have more open minds.

May all of your established programs from the Huntsman Cancer Center on down continue to help meet community needs well into the future.

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See full article – Businessman, philanthropist Jon M. Huntsman Sr. dies at age 80