Cannabis and Tourette Syndrome (TS)….

The research literature on medical cannabis in the treatment of Tourette’s isn’t extensive, but what’s been done (mostly human subject research in Germany) is promising.

“A team at Germany’s Medical School of Hanover completed an initial study on the effects of cannabis on TS in 1998. They determined that 82% of TS patients who reported using cannabis experienced ‘reduction or complete remission of motor and vocal tics and amelioration of premonitory urges and OCD symptoms.’

Additional research in 2003 and 2013 which confirmed thek original findings that cannabis can be effective in suppressing tics and behavioral problems associated with Tourette’s.

So far, Illinois, Arkansas, Minnesota and Ohio have all approved medical marijuana specifically for the treatment of Tourette syndrome. Multiple other states allow cannabis prescriptions for the treatment of Tourette syndrome if it’s recommended by a physician. These states include: California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington, and Washington D.C.”

Tourette’s is not one of the qualifying conditions under the Utah Medical Cannabis Initiative, however many states have expanded their allowed conditions lists over time as their programs have proven medically successful and popular with patients.

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