The answer to the question in the headline in the link below – as we’ve demonstrated by highlighting multiple studies in our blog over the last year – is clearly a resounding “Yes”:

Medical cannabis has been shown to be of great value in helping to mitigate America’s opioid crisis. And we’re most pleased to see that fact being highlighted in a paper read daily by nearly all of Washington, DC’s decision and policy makers.

What excites us less, however, is the makeup of the recently revived and rechristened Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis discussed in the story which seems loaded with old-line opponents to medical cannabis, and so (like the Hill) TRUCE is not expecting the Commission to embrace the growing body of research supporting its value as a major component of programs to reduce and control the epidemic.

Hopefully the article will penetrate some minds and help dissipate archaic attitudes that still permeate the central government drug policy apparatus.

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