Medical cannabis for asthma….?

This in-depth overview article looks at asthma, its traditional methods of treatment, previous promising research on how well medical cannabis can help with the problem in comparison to “standard” treatments, and some newer research indicating the amount of CBD may be a relevant treatment variable.

As for delivery mechanisms, the article notes disadvantages of smoking cannabis and cannabis edibles for asthma. Smoking, while quick-acting, has irritating downsides – while edible forms are too slow-acting to be of real practical use during asthma attacks.

The writer concludes that vaporization might be the best route at the present time (but notes older research showing that custom preparations of aerosolized THC act as an effective and immediate bronchodilator in patients with asthma).

Also cited is newer research showing that CBD has strong anti-inflammatory effects. Specifically, it has been found to reduce inflammation in lung tissues and to reduce the production of inflammatory compounds in the lungs, known as cytokines.

In another cited recent study CBD was found to also have anti-mucosal effects. So it is felt that both THC and CBD can play a medical role in treating the symptoms of the condition.

That said, there is a dearth of current clinical research bringing all these findings together and coming up with tested protocols. More comprehensive and current research will be required to better understand all the variables at play here, the right mix of THC and CBD and more, but there’s plenty of promise to justify going forward with the work.

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