Sticking with pain research along with our two previous posts on pain in general and migraine headaches, here’s another condition for which medical cannabis is being tested (and widely used): Fibromyalgia.

Although fibromyalgia is relatively common, it remains poorly understood. The linked article has a good introductory discussion about the illness which fills in the picture of the illness, its symptoms, probable causes and current treatment options.

Further, while there is still little formal research on the topic, many patients report benefits from using cannabis. However, there have been a fair number of survey studies:

“In an online survey of over 1,300 fibromyalgia patients conducted by the National Pain Foundation, 62% of those who had tried marijuana said it was effective at treating their fibromyalgia.

For many sufferers, marijuana was the only treatment option that helped relieve their symptoms.

Another survey of fibromyalgia sufferers examined two groups: marijuana users and non-users. The survey found that sufferers used marijuana (smoking or eating) not only to alleviate pain but for relief of almost all of their other symptoms.

Most patients reported significant decreases in pain and stiffness, and increases in relaxation, sleep, and well-being 2 hours after cannabis use. There were also some side effects like dry mouth, dizziness or feeling sedated.

More than 80% of sufferers experienced relief of sleeplessness when they used marijuana. Overall, marijuana use improved symptoms and increased their sense of well-being.

Overall, health professionals remain unsure about marijuana for fibromyalgia. Until more research is conducted, patients will have to rely on anecdotal reports and online surveys.”

Again we understand that surveys and anecdotes alone don’t explain or prove efficacy beyond reasonable doubts, however, these findings and more in the article, and the general and well-verified research on cannabis and chronic pain in general, are all certainly promising in the fight against an extremely debilitating condition.

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