At 95 Alice is a new, successful medical cannabis patient….

“The doctor asked Alice [the author’s mother-in-law] some good questions, discussed what might work and recommended a specific type of weed in elixir form. She was not looking to get high. She just wanted to stay asleep for the night. She was all in favor of trying something new.

She tried the drops as the physician directed. No luck. However, her persistent kids did some research, found out that she might do better with a different ratio THC and CBD.

Her son attended a physician’s lecture on the subject and got good direction about other ratios to try. After experimenting with a handful of different ones, he finally got the winning combination for Alice.”

This also speaks to the “dosing problem” raised by opponents. A few points:

1. The “right” cannabis dosing varies tremendously by patient and condition. However, importantly, using modern best practices, whole plant cannabis dosages via various ingestion routes can be well-controlled and standardized.

2. Opponents seldom mention that this is also actually true of Rx drugs which come with a “recommended” dose, but which in practice is often (likely millions of times/week) adjusted by doctors in response to any particular patient and problem. Physicians also often experiment with changing drug combinations which have never FDA tested when taken together..

2. Given all the strains of whole plant cannabis and all the formulations available, happily, because cannabis isn’t toxic, no harm is done by rotating through several while trying to come up with an effective dose/strain.

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