Sunday (Science!) Special: Just when you thought we’d shared everything you could want to know about the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and cannabis….

….the eighth article in our series delves into layers of the ECS even most of us in TRUCE haven’t read much about – the internally produced (i.e., “endogenous”) HUMAN “endo-cannabinoids” that it naturally works with. The last article named two of these – anandimide and AG-5.

This one reveals – among much else that adds to the previous articles – that like cannabis’ at least 100 (plant-made) “phyto-cannabinoids” – there could be as many as 200 endocannabinoids and related compounds.

Nature isn’t wasteful – and wouldn’t bother to keep traits like making so many cannabinoid variants – in both plants and animals – unless they’ve all proven useful for survival – with some of them newer and some still going strong after possibly hundreds of millions of years.

Odds are strongly that nearly all have subtly different effects, ranging from minor to major.

This elegant intricacy means the workings of the ECS (whose endocannabinoids are now known to have their OWN “Entourage Effect”..!) are a biochemical symphony at least as complex in operation as any set of bodily processes we know of….

…and a system which becomes even more so – maybe much more so – when phytocannabinoids enter the system.

Keeping bodies in balance in the face of everything that can disturb homeostasis is a big task for living things. Performed to an important extent by the ECS…

Not that anyone need wait for all this deep science to be unraveled (this argument really grinds our gears, btw), but safe to say that many biochemists are going to have long-term employment….

…doing work that seems increasingly likely to transform our knowledge of physiology – and the practice of medicine – in possibly profound ways in the process.

PS: We still don’t have a working theory of gravity, but you don’t see the world waiting to reliably launch rockets into orbit and beyond, because we know HOW even if not everything about WHY.

So, our broken record: We’ll never know everything but we know ENOUGH to validate the safety and efficacy in states with actual working programs. No Utah patients of our acquaintance see any sound reasons to wait another day. Seriously.

Meanwhile, enjoy this latest blast of ECS knowledge. CME credits will be awarded, haha… ….we wish…

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