There’s much we still didn’t get to in our overview of many aspects of the opioid crisis…

For example, opioids have NEVER been found to be effective for LONG-TERM pain relief – which is their highest volume use in the US. Nor did we explore the other negative health effects of even prescribed, non-dependent long-term opioid use, which are considerable and odious.

So it just keeps making more and more sense that cannabis – a drug with analgesic properties which can be used safely via “the substitution effect” – and without side effects for long periods of time – has strong potential appeal to both to practitioners in the field and users as an often superior or at least complementary pain management tool. And a role in addiction treatment.

The roadblocks to rational approaches – very much including medicinal cannabis – aren’t scientific – they’re rooted in societal factors, and as we’ve shown in this series often in corruption, influence buying, and the proprietary power that huge corporations and lobbies exercise in the economy, over our regulatory agencies, and in the actions of politicians whose careers live or die based on whether contributions based on upcoming votes are made to them (or their PACS) – or to their opponents.

What our ramshackle system can’t change, though, are the facts…. …one of which is that the finding in this video is the basis for saving thousands of lives, which is why we continue to spread those facts… ….and if you’ve been reading the last several days a) you are troopers… …thanks..! …and b) you probably now know more about the crisis than the average Congressperson or State Legislator….

….So keep spreading the word… …as we firmly believe TRUCE readers and volunteers are the best ambassadors the movement to educate this state has….

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