TRUCE Sunday Special: It’s time to start making clear that from our best information, determining and titrating (i.e., adjusting) medical cannabis dosage is no harder to do than it is with compounds in standardized typical model FDA-approved pill form.

In fact, once the principles are mastered, whole plant dosage and adjusting is easier, and less arcane than learning the specifics of many specialties in the medical fields, because it’s much safer to adjust doses. Cannabis is less toxic than any medicine with significant efficacy across multiple conditions.


BTW – that’s something else to start addressing – the KNOWN reasons cannabis compounds have such low risk while at the same time potentially high value.

First, phyto-cannabinoids are not “drugs” in the sense of being something alien to the human body, rather functionally identical to and compatible with cannabinoids already made by optimally working, properly treated bodies.

Taking cannabis is somewhat like boosting/enhancing the body’s own vitamin D with a natural plant-sourced supplement… …except that in this case it is the endocannabinoid system (ECS) being nourished and selective deficiencies being remedied….

….by contrast, cannabis, is quite unlike taking a drug designed to fight an illness by altering the body’s physiology in some artificial way with many potential side effects involved.


With all the strain variants, cannabis physicians have a luxury not available to doctors limited to drug company offerings. They pay billions per molecule to secure (exclusive) FDA rights – whereas cannabis is a living, breathing, inexpensive mix of many scores of evolutionarily complementary, safe compounds – which can be emphasized or de-emphasized by non-GMO breeding.

The variety of different cannabinoid and terpene mixes offers a huge number of distinct medically complementary botanical varietals. It’s going to take decades to decode them all.

Cannabis practice – at its clinical best – is both a bit of art form with ancient roots, technical skill and cutting edge science (as are many kinds of medicine – from surgery to psychiatry). This is akin to how ancient Chinese Herbal, Ayurvedic medicine, and acupuncture are all still first line for millions and complementary for perhaps a billion today, and with two being largely plant medicine based. Imagine that.

We also now have 5,000 years of cannabis clinical experience, combined with modern science which is clearly already propelling the key relevance of whole plant/natural extract medical cannabis types and applications.

But wait, the above is just preface for the linked video (also including transcript for those who prefer to read)….

So. Here’s an sixteen minute interview with Dr. Dustin Sulak (DO), who provides insight into his treatment process.


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