Contrary to the claims of opponents, determining the proper dosage and form of cannabis medicine is no mystery…
…it just has its own more individualized set of protocols and some customized for plant-based medicine.

So just another trumped-up objection….

The same basic principles apply as anywhere else in medicine… …right patient, right medicine (strain, cannabinoid ratios and strengths), right route (vapor, edible, liquid extract), right dose. And so forth.

All very familiar to any physician or nurse.

Cannabis’ famous lack of physical toxicity makes tritration (starting with a low dose and increasing gradually until therapeutic benefit is maximized) much safer than with most (nearly all) Rx drugs.

There’s also no penalty for adjusting the forms to the patient, e.g., trying different preparations, and in fact, there’s more patient input in cannabis medicine than is generally even feasible with pharmaceutical drugs.

It’s really just so normal. And well understood. Spread the word please.

Here’s a typically good article from Project CBD – which, by the way, is one of our favorite news sources in the entire medical cannabis press.

It’s a non-profit organization with excellent scientific advisors and it carries no advertising. Well worth keeping track of – and as you see here – the content is not limited to CBD-only topics.


PS: Meanwhile, if any new outrageous developments have hit the news since yesterday, we missed ’em.

Have a nice, low blood pressure Sunday….

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