Sunday clinic… …Part Three: An extensive database of known and possible drug interactions between cannabis and other drugs.

Continuing our progression from the general to the specific, here’s the most complete database we can find on ALL known cannabis drug interactions.

A total of 602 drugs (4269 brand and generic names) are known to interact with cannabis. And this interactive website allows you check out all of them.

We will add several notes about this detailed resource:

1. The site takes a very conservative approach somewhat rooted in past perceptions of “marihuana,” i.e., as we poked around, and noting that we’re not doctors and make no claims of expertise any patient should follow, our feeling was that cannabis is treated as a drug to be generally wary of. That is, if there are any suspected possible negative interactions, they’re put out there front and center.

Still, there are many physiological facts you may find worth knowing, and so, with that proviso, here it is for your use.

2. The interface is a bit complicated and it can take several attempts to figure out how to get to the specific info you’re after.

In fact, and this will help you understand the layout, the site is a tool for exploring all drug interactions with ALL other drugs, so you may find it useful as a general drug resource. (And the site also offers the ability to create your own saved lists of drugs and interactions as well as offering mobile apps.)

The link below, then, is just an entry point to where the site references cannabis.

3. A note on today’s series in general as well this site:

The previous articles in today’s series apply to whole plant cannabis and its natural derivatives and extracts.

Information about drug interactions with pharmaceutical synthetic “cannabinoid drugs” is less generally available, however this site does have info about some proprietary agents, e.g., Dronabinol, but not all of the agents the FDA has approved or is considering yet.

TRUCE: The more you know….

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