Sunday Dig-in Feature: Continuing our exploration of the CBD-from-hemp industry which has become a key polarizing issue on the frontiers of medicinal cannabis…

How well can hemp serve as a suitable, safe and effective source of medical cannabis products..?? And what’s a better path if hemp has unnecessary drawbacks…???

The linked article in particular explores contamination as part of the issue and discusses in detail how CBD from hemp poses some particular dangers in terms of inherent potential for contamination compared to whole flower sources.

We know this issue raises complicated, controversial questions where opinions vary. Widely and passionately.

There are many aspects – from agricultural, processing, commercial, medical, and more – all clouded by tangled questions of law and jurisdiction… …and the unknown but real degree of profiteering and irresponsible practices in a very grey market totally lacking in consumer protection as we’ve referenced.

At base, though, there likely would not even be a “hemp-based CBD Oil industry” if cannabis had remained medically legal back in the 1930’s instead of society taking the prohibition path – which has solved nothing while creating its own serious problems – and, of course, denying many decades of use and relief, plus research and progress.

What a missed historical opportunity…!!

That is, sans the ban, we wouldn’t be having this discussion, because cannabinoid-poor industrial hemp is an inherently inferior source of CBD. Hemp is missing all of its supporting cast of other synergistic cannabinoids found in medical grade cannabis.

(When properly grown and prepared, hemp seeds and leaves can be made into a number of highly nutritious FOOD products and cosmetics. But if the price of full spectrum cannabis wasn’t inflated by federal law, very low THC strains could be developed which would be better nutrition sources.)

However, since prohibition continues, the “medical hemp” industry does exist and all of the aspects mentioned do matter in terms of patient health and safety… …and while unnecessary in a saner world, one to be dealt with in the here and now.

The linked article digs into several important aspects. We guarantee you will learn something new here, even if we can’t endorse every recommendation they make.

And as always, pending further federal and state legal reforms, please educate yourself and be careful about things which sound too good to be true.

TRUCE stands for a safe, regulated approach – doctor supervision, monitored, tested crops and licensed, inspected dispensaries – and we regard dubious, unregulated multi-level marketing sales of who knows what with overflowing skepticism.

Cannabis patients should be able to get their medication with as much confidence as any other patient getting any other kind of medication.

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