“Maybe contains…..” isn’t a good enough patient guideline for products used for serious medical reasons.

All such products need to be tested for content, purity and safety for many reasons, i.e., for accurate dosing – and equally importantly ensuring there are no dangerous contaminants or adulterants in the medications we entrust our health to.

And the unregulated “grey market” for CBD currently badly fails to meet the pure food and drug supply standards that all legal drugs are required to adhere to and that patients can rightfully expect to be enforced.

This article reports on the confusing mess that is the is-it-or-isn’t-it-kosher “50 state” CBD market – and which has now been investigated by Johns Hopkins University working with Americans for Safe Access.

Again, “blame” is hard to assign, as, for example, bizarre government policies have created this whole situation that we now need government to help us sort out. But these policies have also bred an atmosphere where unprincipled opportunists can step in and ride a wave of good will by packaging, promoting and selling whatever as whatever, and patients be damned.

And right now it’s nearly impossible for consumers to navigate through the CBD briar patch and know they’re ending up with what will help them (and only that). Or to simply know whether they’re breaking any laws. Even the DEA sounds to be of two minds according the article.

From our beginnings, TRUCE has always advocated for “safe, legal and affordable access for all patients who can benefit from the medicinal use of cannabis.”

So in looking at that “safe” part, we’ve never been JUST referring to “safe from fear of prosecution,” but also access to inspected, verified, reasonably standardized, accurately labeled, non-toxic medications produced professionally under safe conditions.

That’s what patients get in states with real medical cannabis programs when they go to a licensed dispensary for CBD (or any cannabis) medicine, and why so many here are working towards Utah having a program ASAP.

We urge all our readers to read and consider this article, and we’ll add that there are ways the situation is even more concerning than the article mentions – as often happens in any questionably legal, high demand situation for products where the total absence of ethical quality control is often no barrier to getting into the business….

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