Continued medical prohibition is causing more net harm in Utah and to Utahns than legal, properly regulated and supervised medical cannabis ever could – while current laws accomplish little if any net good.

Black markets, non-tax-paying enterprises and workers, unethical suppliers, improper processing and contamination, unnecessary medical tragedy – as in this story – and, equally sadly, fostering increasing lack of respect for law when the laws remain clearly out of step with science and common sense to the point that 3/4 of citizens are wondering why their representatives obstinately refuse to listen to their bosses.

And that’s the thing. Their bosses are (ostensibly) us. #Wethepeople. Except we’re being treated like “the problem” by a whole array of the state’s most powerful institutions and special interest groups.

Seriously, who do you feel is representing you and your best interests in this matter, and who’s working against you…??

Whatever the outcome of the initiative’s ballot status – now in the hands of judges – we hope more people are becoming more aware of the often undemocratic way “our business” gets done in the state – and will be asking sharper questions about whose best interests the usual gang of “influencers” like the UMA, Eagle Forum, Sutherland Institute actually serve much of the time. Including even supposedly non-partisan organizations like law enforcement and faiths driven by their own internal agendas.

Lots of groups have revealed much about their true colors – particularly in the last six weeks. Do you find them pleasing…??


Re the article, we’d like to point out a few things:

1. If the UMCI passes, Utah patients will have access not only to assayed CBD-only medicines, they’ll also be able to get “full spectrum” CBD medicines with a full complement of cannabinoids, not just the single-molecule isolates available from industrial hemp plants. Many of these will be non-psychoactive but benefit from the “Ensemble Effect.”

Research shows a number of ways these products are generally medically superior as we’ve covered over the last several years.

2. SB130 which is supposed to solve “the problem” of grey and black market CBD Hemp Oil will likely have little meaningful impact as it’s based on a number of dubious assumptions we’ve explained elsewhere.

This is just more of what you get when patients (and most doctors and experts) are frozen out of the process of developing realistic, sensible, compassionate laws – measures which instead end up being shaped mainly by ideologues afraid of antiquated ideas most of the world has long put aside.

So the article is well worth a read… …with a critical eye of course… …and includes a take from journalist and media strategist, Angela Bacca, who is now lending some of her welcome expertise to TRUCE’s efforts.

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See full article – CDC: Fake CBD oil sickened 52 people in Utah