“…But, but, but we have to wait for the research…”

No we don’t. There’s more research done and going on than you can shake a stick at. Like all the main opponent objections, this one is trumped up.

For example, all of this is just in a report of the first quarter of 2018 alone…!!

There ARE whole extended discussions to be had about “research,” though… …we’ve covered these in months and years past and will again. But briefly:

1. About, e.g., the 26,000 or so scientific papers since 2000 alone vs. “FDA approved” drug research – which won’t give them the time of day – even when they’re peer-reviewed and in some cases placebo-controlled gold standard studies done by institutions like Harvard, etc. And analyzing how that works. Or rather doesn’t for political reasons.

2. About the ever-so-close relationships between the pharmaceutical companies and the agency that’s supposed to be tightly regulating them – e.g., how FDA officials and pharma execs often have a history of moving back and forth between companies and government. And how the main function of the agency seems to be to maintain the MD – pharma company – pill model for most of medicine (with Medical devices and surgery being most of the rest) in a way that keeps the companies bottom lines very healthy.

3. About the DEA’s role in stifling potential FDA-acceptable research and the government’s ridiculous refusal to consider rescheduling. And…

4. About how the federal government has spent billions on cannabis research – except 90% of has gone to National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) studies with the specific agenda of only looking for harms done by personal cannabis use.

But when it comes to the broader research world – just dig into this single quarterly summary to see how vibrant and exciting the field of cannabis medicine’s becoming day by day…

…and then imagine how many years it would take Rep. Daw’s wholly inadequate 2017 Cannabinoid Research Law (which has accomplished little) to get around to doing all of these studies mentioned for a single three month period….

The arguments of the pretend supporters are meant to sound rational. But they’re really just rationalizations for getting nothing real done.

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