Play it again, Sam…? “There’s only anecdotal evidence…. …we need to wait for the science….”

….Or actually, nawww, please don’t play those stale arguments again…

-There’s much more than anecdotal evidence, and

-More than enough medicinal cannabis benefits and the drug’s safety have been firmly established to warrant safe, legal, affordable access.

E.g., medicine is hardly finished studying cancer, and proven treatments and protocols are allowed to go on even as new ones continue to be developed. Can you imagine all existing cancer treatments being banned because we don’t know everything about treating it yet….?? Yet, we find it hard to see how this ridiculous suggestion is any different than what opponents are arguing about cannabis being “not ready for prime time”….

Adding to the tens of thousands of studies already published in this century, here’s a sampling of current medical cannabis human clinical trials or new studies just starting or scheduled to finish in the past quarter….

The article describes the following brand-new studies….

1. Cannabidiol in Children With Refractory Epileptic Encephalopathy (Phase 1 pharmaceutical trial)

2. Effects of Cannabis and Endocannabinoids on HIV Neuropathic Pain (being done by the Univ. of California San Diego, and studying, we’re pleased to report, vaporization as a delivery mechanism)

3. Marijuana in Combination with Opioids in Palliative and Hospice Patients (being run by The Connecticut Hospice and expected to finish this year)

Just completing and/or completed studies….

1. Cannabidiol as a Different Type of an Antipsychotic: Drug Delivery and Interaction Study (Phase one study done in Germany)

2. Gene-Environment Interaction: Influence of the COMT Genotype on the Effects of Different Cannabinoids (Also being done in Germany – using THC, CBD, a combination and a placebo to investigate how and why cannabis might exacerbate the expression of mental illness in people with different genotypes)

3. The Effects of CanChew Cannabidiol (CBD) Containing Chewing Gum on Irritable Bowel Syndrome (this study – the first we recall seeing on IBS was being done in the Netherlands and should be finished by now.

These are exciting times in cannabis research…

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See full article – Clinical Trials of Cannabinoids – 2Q 2017 Report