“Patenting Pot”…..

Regular readers have probably all seen variations on the meme that’s been circulating all over social networks (for as long as there have been social networks) that the US government holds a medical patent on cannabis… …its purpose is to show how ridiculous it is for the government to simultaneously claim cannabis has no legitimate medical use, while holding the rights to key medical uses…. …and no argument from us…..

….but in recent years, with 30 legal US jurisdictions (but not being federally legal – which is the level at which patents are granted), and a growing legal-yet-not-wholly-legal market of many billions of dollars per year at stake, the patent situation has gotten much more active and complicated….

There are now public and private players, giants and little guys, and questions about patents on federally illegal substances, patenting living things that have been around for thousands of things and more….


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