….This is not the medical cannabis distribution system you’re looking for…..

Imagine if there was only one place – somewhere in the state, not necessarily central in the state – for every medicine – and that every patient or state-approved caregiver in the entire 84,899 square miles of Utah had to physically drive there to get their medicine – every several weeks.

Except as things stand, no imagination required. Because that’s just what the “sensible, cautious reform” set up by the legislature under HB197 outlines – at least for one (and ONLY one) form of medicine.

In effect, then, this new law is nothing but continuation of the current medical prohibition for virtually all citizens – masked under the rhetoric of “we’ve done at least enough if not too much for now” – while claiming that the state needs to “wait for the research” – research more definitive (and locally done yet) than that required for virtually any prescription drug, no matter how dangerous.

Happily, with the Utah Medical Cannabis Act’s sponsors having submitted more than enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot, it looks like the states’ citizens will be able to vote on a proposal for something actually designed to work for patients – and not just to serve the agenda of die-hard prohibitionists in sheep’s clothing (along with a few economically connected friends who stand to benefit from this tightly-controlled monopoly bonanza)….    

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