…”the end of this thing”…

It’s still hard for us to fathom the dripping hostility UMA and its allies have toward cannabis medicine along with their utter lack of compassion for patients…

And then there’s their disregard of and contempt for law as we’ve been documenting – and to which we now add this….

“They ran into difficulty turning the forms in, Plumb said, because the door to the Davis County offices was locked.”

Well, Mr. Plumb, that was probably because the office had been CLOSED for nearly six hours when your crew arrived with your forms (mostly from a congregation called together by its Bishop to help the DSU by pressuring ward members).

Now It may just be our naive opinion, but hey, we think it SHOULD be difficult for non-staff to get into a closed office.

“Plumb said he instead dropped the forms off at the home of Davis County Clerk/Auditor Curtis Koch at about 10:45 p.m.”

Because everybody knows a County Clerk’s FAMILY MEMBERS are DEPUTIZED to receive official state business and that their homes are automatic always open SATELLITE offices. Right??

What, you should excuse us, crap. From a contemptuous foe:

“With a full day … that would have been the end of this thing,” Plumb went on. And Eagle Forum’s Gayle Ruzicka chimed in that a way needs to be found for her signatures pulled from signers to be “honored.”

Even though: “the state law spelling out the signature-removal process says, ‘In order for the signature to be removed, the statement must be received by the county clerk BEFORE May 15’.” And: “Groups organized to oppose initiatives seeking a spot on the ballot were contacted Monday ‘just to make sure’ they knew the deadline wasn’t Tuesday.”

The State Election Bureau did use “by” on their form – but while vague, it doesn’t contradict the law. And the last we heard the law is the law. So we’ll be furious if there’s the slightest backpedaling on this point.

The odious, anti-citizen #nullification campaign – with all of its documented serious abuses by opponents to be considered – legally ended Monday, close of business, which is still a month too long in a fairer world.

So we cross our fingers while a number of pro-initiative folks are exploring legal options. Hang in there patients and advocates…. <3 #MMJ #UTpol #UMA #DSU #ProtectPatients #TRUCE    

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