Puerto Rico fully legalized medicinal cannabis this July and had just begun serving patients, with more facilities on the way, when Hurricane Maria hit….

“Rossell√≥ Nevares was a scientist before becoming governor of Puerto Rico. He said the law addresses an important public health issue.

‘As a scientist, I know firsthand the impact that medicinal cannabis has had on patients with various diseases. The time has come for Puerto Rico to join the flow of countries and states that have created similar legislation’.

The governor said he hopes the medical marijuana industry will create 50,000 jobs.”

…and we’re pleased to share today that as the island struggles to start rebuilding – hospitals, homes, businesses – and getting people back to work – that facility construction has re-commenced, meaning the Commonwealth is still expected to have its scheduled new dispensaries open before the end of 2017.

We’re impressed that Puerto Rico’s implementation, even in the face of a huge natural disaster remains on schedule, even as elsewhere strictly political sniping keeps resulting in (sometimes major) delay in implementing state programs passed up to two years ago… …i.e., political windbags can be more of an obstacle to medical cannabis than actual windstorms…!

Also, Puerto Rico faces rebuilding much of its infrastructure and services – from power and water to medical care (3/4 of its hospitals and other care facilities were at least significantly damaged) – and as things come back online, medical cannabis will be joining as a partner in getting relief to people who’ve been through a lot and so as the area’s revamped “regular” medical services are restored, medical cannabis will be there in the mix of patient choices.

Interesting fact:

Puerto Rico’s population is very close to Utah’s. Imagine if this state was left with all that physical devastation, little electricity and limited water and food for months on end, with the people in the rural counties nearly unreachable – and the only way in and out was by plane or boat…

…Our best goes out to the people there.

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