…The DEA vs. the Utah Medical Cannabis Initiative….

(The say WHAT…?!?)

“Are federal agents interfering with a state medical cannabis effort despite President Trump’s pledge to respect local policies?

New public documents show a DEA task force is officially affiliated with a group that’s doing everything it can to derail a proposed Utah initiative.

Drug Safe Utah, representing initiative opponents such as the UMA and the DEA Salt Lake City Metro Narcotics Task Force, is recruiting paid canvassers to encourage voters who signed the cannabis petition to rescind their signatures.”

Besides what’s in this article, this active DEA involvement in a matter of Utah law-making also seems to violate another federal law … the “Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018.”

(See https://bit.ly/2wcs6Bz and our next post for more)

This wading in also appears to us to arguably run afoul of the federal Hatch Act which “forbids the intimidation or bribery of voters and restricts political campaign activities by federal employees. It prohibits using any public funds designated for relief or public works for electoral purposes.”


Also in question is “whether the 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which formally established the DEA’s task force program, permits this type of activity.”

And that’s just three potential federal law violations. There’s still some ambiguity as discussed in this excellent article, but should there be?

We’re not given to conspiracy theories, but in our four years at this, we have NEVER seen the opposition pull out more stops, stretch more truths past the breaking point, or act with more impunity – up to bullying people in their homes and now dragging a federal drug agency into a wholly state (10th Amendment) issue.

This is appalling. We’re a group of volunteers who are also mostly patients holding no offices and having no offices (we can’t afford one) – and we can’t stop anything on our own.

In this wildly out of control situation, then, it’s time for state officials and other designated adults – say, the Attorney General and major media – to step up to the plate and stop this running roughshod over ethics – and we believe – now federal law!

‘While there has been opposition in other states, the opposition we’re seeing here, we think, is unprecedented,’ DJ Schanz, director of the Utah Patients Coalition said. ‘It’s just kind of bizarre that a federal agency can weigh in like that.’

Is this the role of a state medical association (via its DSU proxy) – hiring people to go out and intimidate and lie to citizens? Absolutely not. And hey, the DEA has absolutely no business in a matter that’s entirely Utah’s and Utahns’ business!!

So who will step up to protect the law, common decency and the will of the people…?? We’re begging for the right thing to be done here….

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