A ninety page lawsuit in federal district court filed against US AG Sessions and the federal government over cannabis’ classification as a Schedule I controlled substance has multiple plaintiffs including Sebastien Cotte, a DeKalb County, GA father of a young son, Jagger, who suffers from a terminal neurological disorder called Leigh’s Disease.

“Cotte has been giving old Jagger cannabis oil for nearly three years (he will turn 7 in September) and believes it has extended his life.

“Usually 95 percent of them do not make it past 4-years-old,” said the father.

Around the time most kids die from this chronic disease, Cotte moved his family to Colorado and Jagger started cannabis oil.

He no longer takes oxycontin or morphine.

“It’s been game changing for him it’s one of the main reasons he’s still alive today,” he said.

Cotte said marijuana’s medical benefits are keeping Jagger alive, and that’s why he’s a plaintiff in this lawsuit.”

The lawsuit’s chances are unknown, but according to the TV News report accompanying the article, the case is being brought by a “high-powered attorney” in NY District Court.

The complete text of the lawsuit is embedded in the article.

Other plaintiffs include Former NFL player Marvin Washington of the NY Jets. As noted in a related Washington Post article (http://ift.tt/2wb5so7:

” ‘NFL players are fed opiates and pharmaceuticals throughout the week, from training camp until the end of season. That can be June to January. It’s not normal,’ Washington said. ‘I think the Players Association should demand that [players] have an alternative to opiates. This is scientific-based. This is not hocus pocus.’

Joining Washington as plaintiffs in the lawsuit are Alexis Bortell, an 11-year-old girl who needs medical marijuana to treat her epilepsy, and Jose Belen, a disabled military veteran who uses marijuana to treat his post traumatic stress syndrome.’

TRUCE certainly hopes this lawsuit gets a full hearing. If anything about federal government’s regulation of medicinal cannabis flies in the face of literally mountains of evidence (including studies funded in Israel by NIDA), it’s the notion that cannabis has zero medical value, a notion currently accepted by less than 15% of the US public.

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