The Dan Jones & Associates polling organization has weighed in with a slew of new polling results. Here’s the first article of two – showing continuing strong and wide support for the Utah Medical Cannabis Act.

“…a super-majority of Utahns have made up their minds.

72 percent ‘strongly’ or ‘somewhat’ support the initiative.

25 percent (one-fourth) oppose it.

And only 2 percent are undecided.”

[This is the first poll on the INITIATIVE itself, so not exactly comparable to earlier polling on the ISSUE of medical cannabis.

The results are an encouraging sign that voters are paying attention to the facts about medical cannabis’ safety and success in well over half of the US – and not to the distortions and fear-mongering from Utah opponents more reminiscent of 1930s propaganda than 21st century science.]

“That is a small ‘don’t know’ number, clearly indicating that the Utah populace has made up its collective mind.’

The LDS Church has issued several statements – mainly backing the opposition formed by the Utah Medical Association.

The church is now led by President Russell M. Nelson, a former heart surgeon.

But Jones finds that so far ‘very active’ Utah Mormons are not following their church leadership on this issue:

59 percent of those who self-identified to Jones that they are ‘very active’ in the LDS faith support the initiative.

In general, ‘very active’ Mormons would be those adults who pay tithing and have a temple recommend.

38 percent of ‘very active’ Mormons oppose the initiative, while only 3 percent don’t know.

Among those ‘somewhat’ active in their LDS faith, 85 percent support the initiative, 8 percent oppose, and 7 percent don’t know.

Those who told Jones they once were active Mormons, but no longer follow the faith, 90 percent support the legalization of medical marijuana, 10 percent oppose, and 0 percent don’t know.

Catholics support the petition, 84-13 percent.

Protestants support it, 89-11.

Those who belong to some other religion support it, 83-14

And those who [answered] no religion support it, 96-4.”

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