End of the day update: No videocast today as no major movement.

HB197 wasn’t brought back for a final House vote, rather it was granted a motion to be reconsidered later after the sponsor makes more “tweaks” and/or shores up enough favorable votes to ensure passage on the second try.

HB197 is the “cannabis grow” companion of the so-called “right-to-try” bill (the House-passed HB195) – a proposed “program” that MIGHT (someday, maybe) get (one homegrown variety of) CBD medicine to a very select few terminally ill patients through various Rube Goldberg-ish tricks.

So… ….keep those phone calls, letters, texts, posts and tweets going to your rep about how you feel about Rep. Daw’s proposals.

Who’s your rep: http://ift.tt/2mbMCJm.

Enter your address and the resultant page for your rep will include (as known) their phone, address, email, facebook page, and Twitter handle – if they have them all.

We aren’t convinced either bill will actually function or pass muster in various quarters if enacted, but we’re also not convinced that “working” is actually the goal of ANY of the 2018 “cannabis” bills introduced in this session, rather, although we’re not mind-readers, our take is that what matters to the sponsors is setting up further roadblocks to real reform and then calling THAT “careful reform” and the “slow but safe middle.”

That is, they want to able to say, “The wise Legislature has done enough. Last year we gave you research [which if you read in our Sunday lead, they really haven’t – and aren’t likely to any year soon].”

“And this year, look, we’re actually going to help some patients [except they probably won’t and it won’t be this year if they do].”

“So there’s no need for this dangerous, amateur, wild Initiative thing.”

In fact, Rep. Daw is introducing bills to make initiatives HARDER to mount…!! (Because he loves democracy and trusts voters’ judgement. Arrrgh.)

See HB225 here: http://ift.tt/2EpifMB)

In all, this is a pretty threadbare bag of tricks being offered up in new guises every year that we hope more and more of you are seeing through… …even if it seems to be taking members of the legislature longer to figure out a) that these are nothing but shell games and b) medical cannabis is a highly valuable, affordable, safe medicine which can be brought here without causing a “reefer apocalypse”….

See you tomorrow….

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