These Keystone Cops slapstick hijinks would be hilarious if they weren’t intended to cause tragic outcomes….

“A group of local elected officials and medical community members has asked people who signed a petition to get a initiative on the November ballot to remove their names from the petition, claiming they didn’t know what they were signing.

But comments those elected officials made to The Herald Journal show they themselves have a tenuous grasp on the ballot initiative.”

Let’s “disambiguate” what’s happening here:

“The Journal spoke to eight of those backers. They all said they support medical marijuana, but they don’t think this initiative is the right solution.”

Fact: NONE of these officials (to our knowledge) has EVER supported safe, legal access for patients as 29 other states do.

And NONE of Rep. Daw’s laws amount to anything even resembling a real medicinal cannabis program.

“There was a consistent theme that they believe the ballot initiative amounts to an outright legalization of recreational, not just medicinal, marijuana.

‘..I absolutely think that it’s recreational,’ Cache County Sheriff Chad Jensen said.

‘The information that I’ve been getting is the initiative is written in such a way that it leads to … recreational marijuana,’ Cache Co. Executive Craig Buttars said.”

This is simply demagogic hooey. The “information” they’ve “been getting” is misleading material from biased sources, and an analysis by church lawyers that took small bits of language highly out of context without giving any weight to the whole. I.e., analysis by propaganda.

If you want informed opinion, ask Salt Lake County DA, Sim Gil, who’s read the measure, if it’s recreational.

More: These people were just put on a letterhead – they weren’t even asked! And UMA paid the freight for the mailing by a non-registered, non-existent organization! I.e., “Let’s make stuff up and mail it to every petition signer as if there were such an organization” and as if these people were “directing” it.

Is this ethical..?? Is it even legal? We doubt it, but it’s the kind of thing Michelle S. McOmber, UMA’s CEO has been doing all the time for the last year.

Meanwhile, keep resisting…. …Deadline is close of business Tuesday afternoon.

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