We’ve (favorably) mentioned Dr. Sue Sisley’s federally approved study of cannabis for PTSD focusing on US veterans several times, a labor she’s spent years on – with most of that time spent not doing the actual research she’s interested in, rather battling bureaucracy with dogged determination until she finally received all the requisite approvals…

But now the long-awaited study, on which many vets had pinned their hopes of reform of the VA’s rigid and antiquated stance against medical cannabis is in real danger of being shut down because the VA administrators are – despite federal approval – refusing to allow her to recruit patients from within their system….

“On Thursday, the Military Times reported a PTSD study conducted in Arizona is in real danger of being fragged by the Veterans Administration (VA) – due to a lack of participation by the department.

More interested in maintaining the status quo (and the vicious cycle of addiction), VA officials have been overtly reluctant to discuss the Arizona research with local physicians or veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

As a direct result, Dr. Sue Sisley’s PTSD study now faces a critical October 1 deadline.”

More in the linked article….

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