The prohibitionists are on the move – and we need the help of all those who stand with patients.

We’ve learned that the Eagle Forum and the Utah Medical Association have backed the formation of a PIC (Political Interest Committee). “Drug Safe Utah” is sending people door to door in a dishonest and misleading effort to get people to withdraw their signatures backing the Utah Medical Cannabis Initiative.

Here’s what you can do to help:

1. If you know of activity, immediately message TRUCE and/or Alex at Utah Patients Coalition with the details and the location.

(They are targeting areas where the fewest people signed.)

2. If you know people who signed a petition please contact them NOW and let them know the door knockers are misrepresenting themselves in numerous ways.

3. And ask those friends, relatives, etc. to contact their own circles.

4. Warn people NOT to give their Driver’s License or Social Security Number to canvassers.

You’re our best hope for getting this word out before these well-funded anti-patient interests accomplish their goal.


We’re still investigating exactly what’s being misrepresented in the visits, but are quite sure the mis-info has included:

– Telling people that either the UMA or the PIC is preparing “a better initiative” or a “better bill.” There is no such bill – and if there were, it couldn’t be on the ballot until at least 2020…! And we KNOW the legislature has zero interest in creating a real program.

– Telling people – depending on the conversation – EITHER that the UMCI is too radical – and will bring uncontrolled recreational cannabis to Utah (it won’t of course) – OR – that it’s too conservative, for example, saying that it doesn’t include whole plant cannabis (when it does).

– Saying that advocates are trying to make “marijuana” readily available to children – which is the lowest form of lying. Cannabis medicines would only be used for the same reasons children are given chemotherapy and Rx pain meds – to help their serious medical problems.

– And you get the picture – the usual tissue of lies, distortions and exaggerations.

We’ve included their website – with their fear-mongering “arguments” below (and yes they have a fb page).

Naturally we can’t refute many thousands of misleading words in a sentence or two, but we’ve been publishing the truth for four years and trust that you can see through this “campaign.”


Note that this group was AFTER signature gathering officially ENDED – i.e., too late for advocates to respond by gathering more signatures to protect the UMCI.

Here’s the group’s official filing. Note that Michelle McOmber, author of UMA’s utterly discredited “statement” is a principal:


The whole thing emanates from beneath the bottom of the barrel. #DSU is a powerful special interest group. Advocates’ help is really needed now!

#MMJ #UTpol #Protect #TRUCE    

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